Healing with Nature

Nano Essentials utilizes the expertise of medical doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical companies in order to formulate their efficacious all-natural remedies. All Nano Essentials' products come with a money-back guarantee. Each batch is individually tested and filled bottles are immediately sealed in order to ensure freshness and retain potency; all products are guaranteed to be GMO free. Formulations have been scientifically proven to be effective and ingredients are tested by independent, third-party labs.

Welcome to Nano Essentials

All natural E-Drops are one of the most successful treatments available for cystitis and urinary tract infections. However, this formulation was nearly lost due to the civil wars in Yugoslavia during the 1990's. Between the devastating casualties and the ensuing destruction of the economy and the business infrastructure, this highly efficacious formula nearly became extinct. However, due to the diligent efforts of Vedran and Mirjana Hasanagic, the formula for E-Drops was saved.

Vedran Hasanagic, son of E-Drops' creator Dr. Enes Hasanagic, and Vedran's wife Mirjana, foresaw the civil war in Yugoslavia and fled to Cyprus with their infant daughter. Subsequently, they relocated to Canada and started a business called Natural E.

The Hasanagics merged Natural E with Nano Essentials and applied for approval to sell the revived E-Drops formulation in Canada. After almost three years, approval was granted from Canada and then from the European Union shortly thereafter. Allegiance to their homeland drew them to renew business associations in Yugoslavia and the Hasanagics began selling E-Drops Nano within Yugoslavia. Due to their devotion to their family business and their diligence, E-Drops are once again available to those suffering from urinary tract infections and cystitis.

Nano Essentials' mission is to deliver healthy and innovative natural remedies to those individuals who want to remain healthy without the use of prescription pharmaceuticals. Called nutraceuticals, these remedies are based on natural therapies and are efficacious without the deleterious side effects of traditional pharmaceutical remedies.

Family based Nano Essentials believes their greatest legacy is to enable others to lead healthy lives by providing natural remedies to facilitate that objective. Nano Essential's mission is to be a leader in the field of research, development and distribution of healthy, natural nutraceuticals. Their goal is to deliver innovative nutraceuticals that are healthy yet efficacious and are developed according to the highest standards in the industry.

Basing their remedies on combinations of natural and essential oils, their lab uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology to deliver high quality remedies that are naturally absorbed by the body. Nanotechnology ensures that these remedies are absorbed at the molecular level, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency.

The dedication of Nano Essentials is nowhere more evident than in its founders' diligence in relocating their business halfway around the world from war-torn Yugoslavia in order to remain devoted to their mission of providing healthy, all-natural remedies for people who want to remain healthy despite their health issues.

The dedication of Vedran and Mirjana Hasanagic to providing healthy nutraceuticals that are effective yet safe and readily absorbed by the body is a continuing legacy. Their dedication and perseverance has contributed immeasurably to enhancing the quality of life for people worldwide.